Jivaasri Blends Ayurvedic Treatments with Holistic Approaches to Improve Quality Life

Jivaasri Blends Ayurvedic Treatments with Holistic Approaches to Improve Quality Life

When there was no existence of English medicine, Ayurveda was the only light of hope for people suffering from different health ailments. It was practised widely in India and understanding its significance and the magical results the herbal medicine produces, people across the globe started to undergo Ayurvedic treatments and ingest ayurvedic medicine to combat health issues permanently. The ayurvedic treatments not just treat the problem, but weeds the problem permanently by perceiving its root cause, which can be due to poor dietary habits, personal history, emotions, body features and many other aspects.

Ayurveda works on four pillars primarily – body, mind, spirit and soul. Each pillar must be treated to give a wholesome solution for the health illness so that you do not suffer from this illness even after growing old. We at Jivaasri embrace a holistic approach to maintain harmony among these pillars of life. We also suggest not just medicines that are made of powerful herbs, but also diet, exercise, massage, medication and lifestyle that can expedite the healing process. We work on the psychological and physiological aspects of a patient and eliminate the root cause of the health problem.

Benefits of Ayurveda

There are a wide range of therapies and treatments offered for old, young, sick and healthy patients to promote the well-being of their body and mind

A few of the benefits you can reap with Ayurveda include, but are not limited to:

Loss and maintain weight

Blending ayurvedic treatments with proper dietary habits and lifestyle can aid in shedding excess fat accumulated in unwanted parts of the body. The root cause of gaining weight is poor dietary habits. When you let the body detox by supplying the essential nutrients and good food, you can look slim and fit. Our ayurvedic practitioners have rich experience and extensive knowledge in suggesting the best diet and treatment that work wonders on your body. The treatment given varies from person to person and depends on the dosha type.

Gain glowing skin and lustrous hair

Every woman dreams to have dense hair and soft skin. When you can say goodbye to the lethal clinical treatments and embrace natural ways of treating hair and skin, you can attain glowing skin and hair without burning holes in your pockets. Indeed, it is a permanent solution following which you can maintain luscious locks and glowing skin. Our practitioners will suggest balanced meals, exercises and ayurvedic supplements that can promote healthy yet glowing skin and scalp.

The food suggested would be taking the dosha type and medical history into account. Some of the foods that are suggested for healthy hair and skin are high-oxidant foods, proteins, healthy fats, herbal teas and fresh vegetables.

Stress relief

Grappling with their professional and personal lives and problems, people undergo a lot of stress. Ayurveda assures you to get quick relief from stress despite many tensions in life through yoga, meditation, massages, breathing techniques and herbal treatments. Doing these help you calm the mind and stay rejuvenated.

Keep inflammation at bay

Inflammation problem hits people when they have a poor sleeping pattern, bad digestion, unhealthy eating and when are sleep deprived. When eating according to the dosha type will strengthen the digestive system. This problem will be identified by our experts. They suggest food items that can help you get rid of poor digestion problems and reduce toxins in the digestive tract. By taking the treatment for inflammation, you can stay away from cancer, reduce mood swings, ditch lethargies and improve vitality.

We religiously follow this quote, “Prevention is better than cure” by addressing the root cause of the condition and treat holistically and naturally. We take the Indian Ayurvedic legacy forward and make the treatments accessible for all.

Our team of guardians and practitioners have gone through rigorous training in Ayurveda and use their extensive work experience to give the right treatment that better suits your body type, medical history and dosha type.

Following is a gamut of services we offer:

Abhyangam (Body Rejuvenation massage)

This means oil application. As per the Ayurvedic scriptures, practising oil massaging to the body every day will reap a lot of health benefits. Applying oils prepared with herbs rich in medicinal value and giving the right strokes at the pressure points of the body will relax the body.

Shirodhara (Stress management therapy)

The meaning of Shirodhara is Shiro is head and Dhara is flow. The warm oil prepared with herbs is poured on the scalp. The pouring is also done systematically, i.e., the oil is first poured on the sides followed by the centre of the scalp. The therapy will relax and rejuvenate the mental system by calming the nerves.

Pizhichil (Never and spine care)

The therapy is performed with warm oil that is poured on different pressure points of the body for massaging. Around three litres of oil are used to do this type of massage. The oil-dipped cloth is squeezed on the body. The treatment is an amalgamation of two treatments such as Snehana (oil massage) and the other is Swedana (sweating). These treatments help you fight ageing problems and strengthen the muscles.

If you have tried many treatments and tired of eating medicines, then give the last-ditch effort by contacting us. We help you regain the mental and physical health.

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