Satrangi Ayurvedic Holi Event | 2023

Date: 8th March 2023

Time: 08:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Location: Country Farm House, Gandipet

Registration Fees: Rs. 1499 


Uplift the excitement with natural hues

No synthetic colours are used in the event. We are going completely eco-friendly and making colours with natural ingredients and with the richness of ayurveda (rich in medicinal value):

  • Neeli powder (Violet colour)
  • Moduga flowers (bright yellow)
  • Rakta Chandana or sandalwood powder (red)
  • Haldi and marigold flowers (yellow)
  • Jacaranda flowers (blue)
  • Neem and henna (green)
  • Mix amla and henna (brown)
  • Beetroot (purple)
  • Powdered amla soaked in an iron pot (black)
  • Red rose flowers (Lal gulal)
  • Gulmohar or night queen leaves (dry green gulal)

Relish traditional Holi drinks:

Never get tired at the event. Keep yourself hydrated with delicious coolants made of

  • rose petals
  • Sabja
  • Thandai
  • Nannari
  • Kanji and fresh fruit juices

Back to roots

Relive the ancient way of celebrating Holi at this event. Tribals in Mathura and Vrindavan use natural colours to celebrate the festival. To take this legacy forward and make the environment pollution-free, we have embarked on an event to restart the use of natural colours starting this year.

Health and home remedies from ayurvedic practitioners

The event is going to be insightful with our ayurvedic experts throwing some light on ayurveda facts and seasonal tips to put into effect to control diseases.
Take memories, rich culture and health with you at the end of the event.


  • Open air
  • Natural flower colours
  • Special play zone for kids
  • Rain dance
  • DJ
  • Scented Flower pool
  • Mud pool 3 feet
  • Pool 31/2 to 51/2
  • Toddy
  • Natural fruit drinks
  • Traditional healthy and tasty food
  • Car parking
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