Ayurveda for Women's Health and Wellness

Ayurveda for Women’s Health and Wellness

Women are the best creation of nature. The health of women is important as it has an impact on the future generation and family wellness. Their hormone levels keep on changing based on their age and different stages of life. Moreover, women go through different issues in different stages of life. There is a lot of body transformations that a woman goes through in her lifetime. The major changes take place in menarche, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause. The organs such as the breast, vagina and ovary are what make a woman unique. Vagina has a huge impact on the health of women. The hormones of women changes based on emotional and physiological changes.

Various hormones that have an impact on women’s health are – estrogen, prolactin and progesterone. Production of testosterone also has an impact during the menopause phase of a woman’s life. According to Ayurveda, hormones are called the name called dhatu agni, which is the fire element in the tissues. These will have blood (pitta). Changes in the diet or behavioural activities will have a change in the blood. If a woman consumes a lot of spicy food aggravates pitta in the blood. It results in excessive bleeding during the menstrual cycle. Once a woman crosses 40-year age, she steps into the Vata stage passing the pitta stage. In case the data woman consumes salads and does not have sweets, or fat in the diet, it increases Vata in blood and body. It can cause the menstrual syndrome. The Kapha woman who eats sweets, nuts and a lot of dairy products and leads a lifestyle that is sedentary without any exercise during the peri-menopause phase, results in the accumulation of excess mucus in the blood and body causing depression.

When a woman can balance all the doshas like Vata, pitta and Kapha, she can lead a healthy life. There is a remedy available for women who face health issues in every phase of their life in Ayurveda. The availability of herbal formulas, warm oil massages and nutrient-rich food is a must to get rid of health problems and promote wellness.

Various ayurveda treatments available for women’s problems


Women would face problems in passing stools and taking the herbs like Indian Yam as well as Terminalia chebula will allow you to have smooth bowel movements. You can also ingest Abhayarista to fight the piles’ problem. Alongside taking medicines, you also need to follow a proper diet and take food that is rich in fibre. It is good to ingest a lot of liquid food and do physical exercises.

Greying of hair

Greying of hair is quite common for women in their mid-30s. It can be due to many problems such as anxiety, tension, sinus and washing your mane with hot water. Using the Bhringraj ayurvedic oil can help you maintain your luscious locks healthy and reduce the greying problem. It is also recommended to have a good and peaceful sleep, stay stress-free and wash hair with cold water.

Menopausal problem

Sundari Kalp forte is the medicine in Ayurveda to consume during the menopause phase for an easier transition. It will cleanse the blood and is good to be used by women who are prone to menopause syndrome. They should also eat food that is rich in calcium at this time. Along with good food, women should also practice yoga and stay active always to ease this problem.

Moreover, women in menopause also experience hot flashes causing extreme discomfort and fear. However, practising abhyanga or self-massage will instantly relieve muscle pain, improve blood circulation, eliminate body toxins and reduce hot flash symptoms in the body. The best massage therapy technique like abhyanga relieves your stress and boosts your mood. This massage is best to soothe hot flashes and promote tranquillity.

Acne and obesity

There are two different types of Ayurveda herbs such as Guggulu and Punarnava available to control weight. You also need to have a balanced diet and do exercises regularly to stay slim without putting on weight. Following the routine of exercises and a good diet will show you miraculous results. Acne problem turns the skin ugly and leaves marks on the face. However, this can be treated with ayurveda home remedies like curd, sandalwood, and neem.

Period cramps

Period cramps are problems experienced by every woman during their menstrual cycle. When on period, a woman gets enticed to consume food that is spicy and oily. These foods will cause body imbalance and result in the formation of acne. It is recommended to consume a good diet and eat organic food. Ayurvedic practitioners also suggest consuming herbs such as coriander and cilantro to fight heat and imbalance in the body. Doing physical exercise will also keep tension at bay and boosts blood circulation in the body. It also reduces PMS problems, discomfort and pain a woman experience during periods. Yoga is best to embrace like the basic stretches will alleviate pain and promote sound health.


Many women are prone to anaemia and they do not take the symptoms seriously as a result the deficiency is aggravated. However, you can improve blood levels and fight anaemia with aloe vera, amla and Punarnava. You can also consume food that is rich in iron such as apples, nuts, amla, spinach and beetroot.

Mental health

Women have to juggle their professional and personal lives as a result of which they are prone to a lot of stress. Ashwagandha is the best ayurvedic medicine that can boost immune power, reduce physical and psychological stress, alleviate inflammation and improve cognitive abilities in women. The medicine also promotes sound sleep besides balancing Vata and Kapha in your body. By taking Ashwagandha you can fight stress and boost your immune power.

Problems in the female reproductive system

Various problems related to the reproductive system are experienced by women such as ovarian cysts, infections in the vagina, cancers, precancerous changes in tissues and so on. Ayurveda has the best treatments to cure all these reproductive system problems. The special herbs and detox treatments will treat these diseases and boost your quality of life.

Sexual problems

Females’ sexual behaviour is different to males. It is good to understand sexual behaviour to enjoy sex. There are different kinds of sexual disorders that a woman is prone to such as decreased libido, painful intercourse, sexual dysfunction and so on. However, all these problems are easier to manage with Ayurveda.


There are conditions like ovulation and reduction in the uterus’s capabilities that would result in infertility problems in women. According to Ayurveda, an imbalance in tissues is what causes infertility. When there is an imbalance of Vata in the abdomen could lead to poor functioning of reproductive organs. Ayurveda has many herbs and natural treatments to correct infertility problems.


Severe stress, addictions, doing sex with multiple people and taking contraceptive pills make a woman’s body weak and unable to carry the baby. Before planning for a baby, it is good to detox the whole body, boost the immune system, and metabolism rate and rejuvenate the body. You also have to tweak your lifestyle, take herbs and undergo different ayurveda treatments to improve health and balance the hormones.

Whatsoever may be the health problem that a woman experiences, you can contact our Ayurvedic practitioners at Jivaasri to get the right treatment and stay healthy. It is always recommended to take a balanced diet, follow a good lifestyle and take enough rest to stay active. Yoga is a wonderful thing that you must practice to balance all doshas and address female issues. Doing meditation, pranayama and asanas are the best ways to maintain sound health.

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