Benefits of Ayurvedic Massages and Body Therapies

Benefits of Ayurvedic Massages and Body Therapies

Taking a loving massage loaded with a lot of health benefits is good for the body besides making you feel relaxed. It offers deep relaxation which your body is yearning longer. Ayurvedic massage is quite famous in the healthcare world. These are proven to offer miraculous results and for treating various health ailments like migraines. Ayurvedic massages and body therapies are practised with oil massage. This type of massage is effective and has been in use for ages. The massage primarily focuses on the skin. There is a wide range of Ayurvedic massages that are performed to help a person stay relaxed and energized all day long.

Ayurveda mainly works on holistic healing and in promoting health and well-being. You can get quick relief from the stress and the toxins that are piled up in the body with a proper Ayurveda massage using oils. The oils will unlock the abilities of the body and give you enough power to keep you healthy. Abhyangam is a widely embraced ayurvedic therapeutic technique that is customized according to the patient’s needs to restore from illness. This massage will balance body, mind and soul. It also balances doshas in the human body by making you feel relaxed and giving a holistic fulfilment. Panchakarma is another massage technique used in Ayurveda having different purification and rejuvenation therapies.

It is a firm belief in Ayurveda that all the five elements in the body must be in perfect balance and harmony. However, these five elements are disturbed badly due to the influences of external and internal factors. There are a lot of herbal oils that perform the massages to put back the body that has imbalances of five elements into the proper channel.

An ayurvedic massage session is relaxing and calms your inner self and is power-packed with many health benefits. A few of them are listed below:

Reduce stress and blood pressure

Ayurveda massage session is highly effective to cut down stress and keep blood pressure under control. Undergoing this type of massage by experts will control your heart rate and blood pressure.

Keep fatigued at bay

Ayurveda massages and body therapies will improve blood circulation in the body and encourage the removal of metabolic waste and replenish the cells, skin and muscles. The internal organs start to nourish besides flushing out a lot of toxins in the body. It gives quick relief from the pain and boosts stamina which keeps you active all day long.

Promote good sleep and calms your nervous system

You can have a good sleep when in a cosy environment. Taking the ayurvedic massage with essential and herbal oils will calm your senses and make you feel relaxed and put you to sleep immediately. The warmth of oils and the gentle hands of therapists massaging will throw out your anxieties. The massages also improve the heart rate. Massage is an ideal therapy for people who are suffering from sleep disorders and insomnia.

Stimulate weight loss

Many find ways to keep their weight under control. However, do you know that ayurvedic massage can stimulate weight loss? Yes, you heard it right. It is the best way to maintain a healthy weight without getting prone to any side effects. The massaging oils used will loosen the toxins in the body and removes impurities and fat. Undergoing the massage regularly with exercises will support weight management.

Increase longevity

With toxins being eliminated from the system, the body will function effectively besides boosting longevity. Over time, anxiety and taking a poor diet make you acidic and reduce your lifespan. With massages and body therapies, you can keep acidity at bay and improve alkalinity in the blood. The ayurvedic oils used will balance doshas, which are key for improving the longevity of life. Indeed, these massages also make you look young by improving moisture in the skin and turning your skin supple and soft.

Boost immune system

Ayurvedic massage is the best approach to improving immune power. Kneading, rubbing and pinching the skin by massaging with herbal oils will make the body produce antibodies. It also drains the lymphatic system to detox toxins and generates fresh white blood cells.

Say bye to the burning sensation

The massage performed in Ayurveda is highly effective and will reduce the burning sensation caused in diabetic neuropathy patients. Undergoing foot massages for around half an hour will reduce the symptoms of patients who have diabetic neuropathy.

Alleviate back pain

The ayurvedic massage session will also give quick relief from the back pain to which you are prone and suffering for a long time. The effectiveness of massage will last for around 6 months and make you feel relaxed.

Soften the skin

Massaging with medicated oil will soften the skin and releases toxin in the body besides making the skin glow and look healthy. Massaging is equal to facial which will rejuvenate the skin and improve its health.

Improve hemiplegia

Hemiplegia is a health condition that makes the body paralyzed towards the vertical side. Massaging regularly with different types of medicated oils and techniques will give a quick improvement in the body in people who have hemiplegia. After the massage, people will have the ability to hold things with ease. Taking a massage for a long time will boost the power and strength of the wrist and fingers.

Balance hormones

If you want to balance hormones in the body naturally, it is good to undergo massage and therapies. There are many medicines available in the market, but all these will cause side effects on the body. By taking the massage, women can regularize their menstrual cycle.

These are the benefits you can reap by undergoing an Ayurvedic massage. Indeed, massage is an ideal way to process emotions and stay relaxed. This ancient healing practice is the best healthcare routine to fight many health ailments. At Jivaasri we offer different types of Ayurvedic massages that turn your body strong and give you the ability to fight against different diseases and viruses.

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