Importance of Ayurveda in Current Health Care Scenario

Ayurveda has been around since almost 6000 BC. Its existence can be traced to Indus Valley Civilization. It is believed that centuries ago sages in India have focused on ways to lead a healthy life and expand the lifespan using the power of life, i.e. plants, roots, leaves. This study goes on even today, after so much of evolution on medicine, technology and science.

In today’s life, where medicine is so advanced and people are able to find to cure to the most complicated of diseases like cancer, tumor and many more such life taking illness, new kinds of virus and diseases seem to come up from everywhere. There is relatively easy access to medicine and treatment today when compared to few years ago. This seems to be a blessing in disguise in many scenarios. With the passing of time, there are now categories in the kind of medicine found in the market. Generic medicine, Branded medicine, Private medicine etc. There is also medicine easily available to common ailments like cold, cough, head ache, joint pains, fever and indigestion. While on the surface this looks great, it is a very dangerous situation. A lot of people now use these medicines without a prescription or consulting a doctor. There is over consumption of medicines without any worry about the consequences.

Medicines like pain killers or paracetemols, no matter how small the dose, take a long time to completely leave our system. Many people consume these medicines without a check and this in turn impacts the whole body and sometimes has very dangerous consequences to our organs like liver. But with the emerging brands and advertisements of the easy consumption and quick results, people are becoming very dependent on these drugs without giving the long term consequences and the negative impact this might leave on one’s body. There have been many case studies about patients who do not have a habit of consuming liquor or tobacco, yet they observe a decline in the condition of their liver. In some of these cases it was proven that over medication was one cause of this organ failure. The same can be observed that when people tend to over consume pain killers from a young age, they become ineffective during the later years when the body might actually require it. We are not strangers to both these situations.

Ayurveda, which literally translated to life sciences, has been studying the interconnection between body, spirit and its ability to heal by itself or with the help of life sources around us. Over time, with introduction of Allopathy or English medicine in our lives, many people started considering Ayurveda as “old school” or medicine suggested only by elders. It was put on the back burner and over years ignored for a long time.

Times have changed. Like any cycle, which always comes back to the point of beginning, we have in the last few years begin to understand the importance of the “old school” medicine in our real life. Today after a long time, we have many research centers focusing on the Ayurvedic medicine to uplift the health conditions of people who are not only from India or an Asian decent but this is now observed everywhere around the world. It can be taken for granted that in today’s world with the emerging viruses and new diseases and lower immunity system when compared to our previous generation, it is vital for us to be able to take medicines without the fear of the consequences. Without worrying about the long term effect this might have on our system.

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