Ayurvedic Remedies to Control Hair Loss and Re-Growth

Ayurvedic Remedies to Control Hair Loss and Re-Growth

Are you combing the hair and were heartbroken seeing many strands of hair entangled between the teeth? Is hair loss worrying you a lot? Have you tried many hair treatments, but nothing is working effectively? Then, why not try out Ayurvedic remedies which can save you from getting bald? Ayurveda will help you control hair fall naturally and promotes re-growth. The treatments are available for different age groups of people. However, before you take a plunge into ayurvedic treatment, the first you must know is the causes of hair fall in both men and women.

Causes of hair fall in men and women

The hair fall in men is serious and it results in baldness. In hair loss, testosterone plays a critical role. When this hormone is generated at is huge level, it turns into DHT. It is highly powerful compared to testosterone which would build muscles and vitality. When the DHT is increased, it would stick to the hair follicles, thus blocking the nutrition to reach the hair roots. Thus, this makes the hair roots weak and hair turns thin.

Other environmental factors that can cause hair loss in men are poor quality of water and air.

When it comes to the reasons for hair fall in women, the DHT levels are too low in women. Even if there is hair loss, this could not result in extreme loss of hair and baldness. There are other factors like the hair care products you use, the nutrition food you intake, lifestyle, and environmental factors that have an impact on the hair, thus resulting in hair loss. If a person is prone to anemia and thyroid, then hair loss would be high. Treating the cause of these health problems can control hair loss. There are also ayurvedic medicines available to treat health conditions and hair fall problems in Ayurveda.

Doshas that cause hair loss

As per Ayurveda, the three doshas that cause hair fall are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. When there is an imbalance in these doshas, it results in poor health conditions and various health concerns. The hair is linked to the body, hair, and teeth, therefore illness in any of these areas would result in damage to the mane. The health of the hair also has an impact due to poor digestive system and nervous system health. This is where Ayurvedha stands out from the rest of the other treatments, wherein it focuses majorly on giving enough care to the body than just treating the hair for hair loss.

Vata dosha and its impact

This type of dosha, results in frizzy hair, split ends, thinning of the mane, dryness, and loss of your luscious locks. By massaging the head twice or once a week. It helps in hair nourishment and the scalp. There are also nourishment oils available at Jivaasri which can strengthen the hair by massaging the hair with this oil regularly. It also keeps split ends at bay and so dandruff issues.

Pitta dosha and its impact

When this dosha is too high, it harms hair follicles. It also results in graying of the mane, baldness, and hair thinning. By keeping the body cool, you can keep this dosha under control. There is also a hair tonic oil with which you can massage the hair to keep hair fall at bay and delay greying. The best of all is to practice yoga every day.

Kapha dosha and its impact

If you are prone to this dosha type, then it results in sticky and oily hair which also results in sticky flakes. Due to this, the mane turns oily, greasy, and tough for you to manage and keep the hair in a healthy condition. You can wash with the medicated as well as mild shampoo regularly. Using the hair packs filled with ayurvedic herbs will also show you better results.

Various ayurvedic remedies for controlling hair loss

Following are the remedies that can help you gain the silky, long, and beautiful hair you have been dreaming of for a long:


The name itself speaks a lot about this treatment. Shira means head and Dhara means flow. As part of the treatment, the oils mixed with herbs are massaged on the scalp and pressure points thoroughly to increase blood circulation and promote the growth of your mane. It is a highly effective treatment to be used to control hair fall.

Shiro Abhyanga

Oils such as coconut, sesame seed oil, and Bringamalakadi Taila would be used to massage the head thoroughly for better nourishment of roots and scalp. It never lets the scalp get heated and keeps greying of the mane at bay. The best thing is that it also nourishes the sensory organs and keeps the head cool. It supports hair follicles and gives enough nourishment for the ending of never and releases happy hormones. With this remedy, you can control the loss of hair and boost blood circulation to the nerve end.

These are the two oils that are used for massaging the hair:

Brahmi Bringaraj oil

Oils made of herbs are highly effective for the growth of hair. This oil will nourish the hair from its roots and promotes hair growth in a short time while controlling the loss of hair to a greater extent. Massaging also reduces stress and greying.

Bringamalakadi oil

The oil is mixed with different herbs to put check on greying at a young age. It promotes the growth of hair and reduces arthritis and back pain.

Hair pack

You can make a paste of the oil with fenugreek seeds and apply it to the scalp to cool it. The remedy will help you control dandruff, repair split ends, and keep hair loss at bay. The pack also improves blood circulation and removes toxins in the body besides improving the skin texture.


It is one of the effective home remedies for hair regrowth wherein the oil will be instilled through the nose daily to give you quick relief from different health ailments. Doing this promotes the growth of the hair and restores your crowning glory.


These are the herbs that are loaded with moisturizing properties and control hair fall and increase the growth of the mane. Herbs that promote hair growth include:


It is an herb that is widely grown in India and is rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, and magnesium. The herb is good for hair growth. Applying this will promote hair growth and keep loss at bay. It also gives a soothing effect on the scalp to increase blood flow to hair follicles. It also activates follicles and hair roots to promote natural hair growth. Through this nourishment, your mane stays healthy.


It works wonders to thicken the hair. The traditional oil is to be applied to the hair. It is loaded with alkaloids to activate a protein in the body and strengthen the hair from its roots naturally. Using this oil will reduce stress and treat damaged scalp briskly.


The amla is loaded with a lot of vitamin C that is good for hair care. The antioxidants and fatty acids will strengthen the hair follicles and make the hair strong. Using this also improves scalp health and removes dandruff and dirt accumulated on the scalp. Massaging with this oil also boosts blood circulation.


Now that you got to learn about the remedies available with Ayurvedha to treat hair, then contact the best Ayurvedic expert in Hyderabad, i.e., Jivaasri to get the right treatment to treat hair loss before it goes bald. Using the right treatment and remedies along with proper diet, yoga practice and stress management will reduce hair problems.

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