Ayurvedic Treatment for Stress Management in Hyderabad

Ayurveda Therapies for Stress Relief

Ayurvedic Treatment for Stress Management

Stress Management in Ayurveda:

  • Stress is a widely used term in our daily lives. Like we consume water, we use it all through the day. For every small hindrance or impediment that causes anxiety or delays in our actions, we blame it on “Stress”. Whenever our daily routine is upset by the events that are triggered by self or others, we feel stressed handling even our daily chores  and find it challenging to overcome them. Fear and anger, mixed with physical discomfort and emotional imbalance is what leads to stress. Stress is so powerful that it can gradually lead to serious mental health problems. Understanding the root cause is key to handling Stress and combating it.
  • One cannot indulge in causative factors of Stress throughout the year and expect to go on an exotic annual vacation to de-stress. Work-Life balance is key to modern day Stress factors. Ayurveda emphasises that one must consciously  lead your day and not give energy to Stress and devise a mechanism to manage and contain it. Mind plays a key role in increasing or decreasing levels of stress. Increasing the level of consciousness, taking remedial actions and controlling stress results in a healthy life and increases longevity. Jivaasri has customised and proven remedies for Stress management.

What causes Stress?

It is an undeniable fact that modern day life is super fast-paced and there are many reasons why we subject ourselves to physical and mental stress. When the Stress levels are high, it usually means that our doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) in the body are imbalanced. When the stress symptoms are severe, frequent or prolonged, then there’s a reason to worry, as Chronic stress can cause serious mental health problems (including depression & anxiety).
There could be various Stress triggers that we encounter on a daily basis, which may be grouped as ‘Work Stress’ & ‘Life Stress’.

  • Work Stress could be anything that is triggered due to challenges that we face at work
    • Too much workload, long working hours, toxic work culture etc. to name a few
  • Life stress could be any life event that might set our Stress and Anxiety trigger off, leaving a huge impact
    • Traumatic life event, Moving to a new home, Marriage etc. to name a few

Treatment for Stress in Ayurveda

As we have understood that Annual vacations cannot be the solution to the problems that arise due to Stress, Ayurveda emphasises on the concept of Dinacharya, which is also known as Routine. A healthy routine reflects Stability or Balance in one’s life, which counters the instability, which is the root cause (core reason) of Stress and Anxiety.

Core principles of Dinacharya is 

  • Circadian rhythm- Be in rhythm with nature’s cycle
  • Synchronisation between microcosm (your inner world) and macrocosm (your outer world)

Along with a balanced Dinacharya, it is also essential to balance your stress levels, the ‘Doshas’- the Vital energies of our body named Vata, Pitta, Kapha. To fine-tune these Doshas of our body, Jivaasri prescribes the Panchakarma techniques to handle stress and keep it in check.

How Jivaasri Ayurvedic Doctors Treat Stress Management?

As our human body needs constant care to keep the Stress levels balanced, we at Jivaasri Wellness offer you a holistic ayurvedic solution to Stress Management by addressing all the 3 dimensions of an individual-  Body, Mind and Soul. Based on your profile and background we help you maintain a balanced dinacharya (daily routine). 

To revitalise your central nervous system and relax your mental and physical state, we master the most divine Ayurvedic therapies for Stress Management – ‘Shirodhara’ and ‘Abhyangam’ 

Upon diagnosis and the identified root cause, we at Jivaasri, customise our therapies, based on your profile (BMI, medical history etc.) and stress levels to bring your Doshas to a balanced state. With our constant emphasis on keeping the microcosm and macrocosm in synchronisation, Jivaasri doctors and specialists draw result-oriented therapies from India’s rich Ayurvedic heritage. 

Our expertise in the Kerala Ayurvedic system and customised treatment procedures are here to bring back your Stress levels to a balanced state. Every product we use during the therapy is made from natural ingredients we selectively choose, to ensure you get the desired results and best service quality.

FAQs on Stress Management

  1. Would there be any side effects from therapy/ procedure?
    1. As we use natural/ herbal products and ingredients that are freshly prepared , serviced under the guidance of qualified Ayurvedic doctors and trained therapists, there will be no side-effects.
  2. If I am allergic to Alternative medicines, can I still choose Ayurvedic treatment?
    1. Yes. Ayurveda is a safe option for those who are allergic to other forms of medicine. Our in-house experts, doctors and therapists will ensure we understand what is right for you, based on your medical history, age and physical state.
  3. Is Stress Completely Curable?
    1. Yes. With a balanced lifestyle, coupled with regular physical activity , healthy eating habits, proper workload management and natural therapie, Stress levels are curable.
  4. Can stress lead to heart ailments or adverse health conditions?
    1. Yes. If not controlled and treated at the right time, Stress can lead to life threatening health conditions.

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    If u wanna get professional and relaxing massage just step in jivasrii, remaining their staff will take care very professionally and lovely from entry to exit. I just loved it seriously best spa i had till now very nice and got complete relaxed. 100% recommended to everyone.

    MeghaVardhan Reddy

    I had a great session of Abhyangam and followed by Shirodhara. The team is amazing especially the massage boys did a great job with their skills. I could feel every nerve of my body. Entire campus is hygienic and the quality of the oil is authentic.

    krishna rao Akula

    It was a great session,I had a wonderful body relaxing time.Very professional massage therapists who clearly know what they are doing.The staff is very proactive and friendly. Will definitely recommend Jivaasri.

    Yerram Raju.

    I had a severe sciatic pain trasmitting to right leg completely having issues in lumbar spine L1 to L5. I visited Jivaasri Clinic, the dedication of therapists and prescribed therapies had given immense relief. I thank the entire team of Jivaasri for making it successful treatment without going for spine operation.

    Ravi J

    I highly recommend the Suthikaraksha massage treatment. The therapists are thorough professionals. I’ve lost weight and completely devoid of backache. I’ll come back again when I have the chance.
    The staff is very proactive and friendly. Will definitely recommend Jivaasri

    Apurva Rallabhandi

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A Holistic Ayurvedic Wellness destination that provides affordable and effective Natural rejuvenation therapies and treatments for chronic ailments across all ages.

    Our treatments vary from rejuvenation and restoring the effective functioning of the human body. From improving the blood circulation, to addressing muscle stiffness and joint pains, we offer holistic wellness and concentrate on total body wellness, from skin and hair, all the way to energy layers.

    From diabetes, hypertension, stress management, kidney related ailments, liver cirrhosis, knee and joint pains, spine and neck pain, the list of treatments we cure is long.

    At Jivaasri, we perform therapies to address the root cause, with natural ingredients and time-tested techniques that have been practiced for centuries. Most of the therapies are non-invasive techniques and do not involve surgeries. Our treatments are a combination of therapies performed by Ayurvedic experts, under the guidance of an Ayurvedic physicians and administration of oral medicines on need basis.

    Generally, the cost of Ayurvedic therapies and medication is one-third of Allopathic treatments / surgeries, which makes it affordable to various sections of population.

    Due to easy accessibility of medicines, availability of Allopathic doctors, and commercialization of pharma industry, Ayurveda did not grow faster. Also, the lack of awareness of Ayurveda coupled with fewer Ayurvedic physicians further resulted in lower acceptance of such natural therapies.

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