Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain in Hyderabad

Best ayurvedic treatment for knee pain in hyderabad

Ayurvedic Treatment For Knee Pain in Hyderabad

Cause & Affect of Knee pain :

  • Knee injuries can occur to the elderly and even to the young in the early 20s.
  • Knee pain may occur due to internal injury to any part of the knee, including ligaments, cartilage.
  • The causes include irregularities in knee joints such as femur, tibia, and fibula and also persist with kneecap, tendons, ligaments, or meniscus.
  • An injury to any of 4 anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) that joins the thigh bone to shinbone is a common cause of knee problems among sportspersons.
  • Fractures on kneecap due to accidents, such as falls and weakness of these bones can cause joint pain.
  • Sudden twists on the knee may cause rupture of meniscus, which is acts as a suspension element, leading to knee pain.
  • Inflammation in tendons joining the muscles with the bones, also causes knee pain.
  • If the pain is not addressed in time, it can become Chronic and end in weakening of joints , bones, and also result in nerve damage and injuries.
  • Our customized and hand-crafted therapies help in pain relief and our treatments help in effective pain management, addressing the root cause.

Janu vasti is an Effective therapy for treating Knee pain and Osteoarthritis.

In addition to Janu vasti, a  combination of Elakizhi’ (also known as ‘Patra Pinda Swedana’) which is a classical massage done with herbal poultices, filled with medicated powders that are heated in medicated oils helps addressing the root cause of knee and joint pains.

  • The services provide relief for muscle and joint stiffness, cramps, arthritis, and other ailments, apart from increasing the tissue and muscle strength.
  • At Jivaasri, we have helped our Clients to naturally address the acute knee pain injuries through our time tested customized therapies. We ensure results within 14 – 21 days, depending on the type of pain and duration since the pain first occurred. We provide nutritional guidance and focus on diet that fast tracks the recovery process. We do follow up therapy sessions, for long term results and advise our clients on how to manage the knee pains, by avoiding the daily activities or tasks that aggravate the pain.

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At JivaaSri, we are the guardians and custodians of Ayurveda – a time-honoured tradition. It is our endeavour to create a healthy nation. Everything we do, each ingredient we choose, every treatment that we craft – it all has this same end-goal

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    What Our Clients Say

    If u wanna get professional and relaxing massage just step in jivasrii, remaining their staff will take care very professionally and lovely from entry to exit. I just loved it seriously best spa i had till now very nice and got complete relaxed. 100% recommended to everyone.

    MeghaVardhan Reddy

    I had a great session of Abhyangam and followed by Shirodhara. The team is amazing especially the massage boys did a great job with their skills. I could feel every nerve of my body. Entire campus is hygienic and the quality of the oil is authentic.

    krishna rao Akula

    It was a great session,I had a wonderful body relaxing time.Very professional massage therapists who clearly know what they are doing.The staff is very proactive and friendly. Will definitely recommend Jivaasri.

    Yerram Raju.

    I had a severe sciatic pain trasmitting to right leg completely having issues in lumbar spine L1 to L5. I visited Jivaasri Clinic, the dedication of therapists and prescribed therapies had given immense relief. I thank the entire team of Jivaasri for making it successful treatment without going for spine operation.

    Ravi J

    I highly recommend the Suthikaraksha massage treatment. The therapists are thorough professionals. I’ve lost weight and completely devoid of backache. I’ll come back again when I have the chance.
    The staff is very proactive and friendly. Will definitely recommend Jivaasri

    Apurva Rallabhandi

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A Holistic Ayurvedic Wellness destination that provides affordable and effective Natural rejuvenation therapies and treatments for chronic ailments across all ages.

    Our treatments vary from rejuvenation and restoring the effective functioning of the human body. From improving the blood circulation, to addressing muscle stiffness and joint pains, we offer holistic wellness and concentrate on total body wellness, from skin and hair, all the way to energy layers.

    From diabetes, hypertension, stress management, kidney related ailments, liver cirrhosis, knee and joint pains, spine and neck pain, the list of treatments we cure is long.

    At Jivaasri, we perform therapies to address the root cause, with natural ingredients and time-tested techniques that have been practiced for centuries. Most of the therapies are non-invasive techniques and do not involve surgeries. Our treatments are a combination of therapies performed by Ayurvedic experts, under the guidance of an Ayurvedic physicians and administration of oral medicines on need basis.

    Generally, the cost of Ayurvedic therapies and medication is one-third of Allopathic treatments / surgeries, which makes it affordable to various sections of population.

    Due to easy accessibility of medicines, availability of Allopathic doctors, and commercialization of pharma industry, Ayurveda did not grow faster. Also, the lack of awareness of Ayurveda coupled with fewer Ayurvedic physicians further resulted in lower acceptance of such natural therapies.

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