Ayurvedic Treatment for Obesity in Hyderabad

Ayurvedic Treatment for Obesity in Hyderabad

What is Obesity?

Obesity is when our body weight goes higher than what is considered healthy for a given height. The obesity levels are indicated by Body Mass Index (BMI), which is a useful measure for body weight. Obesity (also referred to as Overweight) is a public health issue, which is observed in adults and children. Millions of people today are affected globally. The WHO data indicates that India ranks 3rd in the Global Obesity index.

According to Ayurveda, one of the primary contributing factors to Obesity is Vata dosha, which resides in the stomach and maintains digestive fire (Agni). With this condition, the individual’s digestion is hampered so that there are increased levels of fat (medo dhatu) produced, without the other dhatus getting nourished, thus resulting in weight gain.

Symptoms of Obesity

As we all agree that modern day life is super fast-paced and we subject ourselves to physical and mental stress everyday, we may fail to notice the subtle signals that the body gives us, due to Obesity.

  • Breathlessness 
    • You might observe minor respiratory problems such as shortness of breath while performing your daily activities
  • Lack of interest in any work
    • You might find yourself with lack of interest towards regular work
  • Profuse sweating with foul body odour
    • As you have to physically exert more effort than usual to perform daily activities, you are likely to get overheated
  • Excessive sleep
    • Could also be observed due to the accumulated fat.

Causes of Obesity

Fat is stored in the body, as a reserve of energy. However, excessive deposits of fat can result in Obesity. Common causes of Obesity can be due to unhealthy lifestyle habits. It can be combination of various causative factors such as

  • Excessive intake of high calorie food
  • Irregular food habits 
  • Lack of physical activities and exercise
  • Irregular sleep cycle
  • Chronic stress raises level of Stress hormone (Cortisol) and leads to weight gain

Apart from unhealthy lifestyle habits, Obesity is also caused due to 

  • Genetic factors
  • Metabolic disorders 
  • Side-effects from certain medication

Treatment for Obesity in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, Obesity is described as excessive accumulation of fat (Meda) in the body leading to negative effects on health, reduces life expectancy and increases health problems such as diabetes, ischemic heart disease, hypertension among many others. Ayurveda recommends practising a healthy lifestyle along with physical activities to keep the BMI in check. 

These are some of the causative factors for Obesity. At Jivaasri, we address the root cause of Obesity, through customised therapies after thorough diagnosis.

How Jivaasri doctors treat Obesity

At Jivaasri wellness, we have a well planned treatment protocol, that comprises Kerala Ayurvedic treatments along with healthy lifestyle recommendations. We master in Udvarthanam treatment, which is a therapeutic massage, for which our handpicked products and oils are chosen to deliver quality and assurance.

Depending on the root cause and the BMI, our doctors design a customised plan that promises to deliver success. Our personalised services, products and healthy lifestyle recommendations ensure that your BMI levels are brought back to normalcy. Every product we use during the therapy is made from the ingredients we selectively choose, to ensure long lasting and sustaining results.

FAQs on Obesity

  1. What is the difference between Overweight and Obesity?
    1. According to WHO, Overweight is a BMI that is greater than 25 whereas, Obesity is a BMI that is greater than or equal to 30.
  2. What complications can Obesity lead to?
    1. Obese patients are at a risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease among many other mental health problems in the long term.
  3. What kind of diet does Jivaasri recommend?
    1. Based on your profile, our doctors and dietitians will prescribe a healthy and balanced diet to fulfil your nutrition requirements. 
  4. Will I start putting on weight even after the treatment?
    1. At Jivaasri, we aim to mitigate the root cause of the problem. Our treatments have proven to be long lasting and sustaining. Our doctors prescribe a wholesome routine after the therapies, so as to maintain a healthy BMI. When adhered to the Guidelines and lifestyle changes,, the likelihood of again becoming obese is very low.
  5. Is Jivaasri Ayurvedic treatment for Obesity, Safe and Result oriented ?
    1. Yes. If the guidance is followed as suggested by Jivaasri Ayurvedic experts and the prescribed treatment schedule is completed; the results will be very satisfying.

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    I had a severe sciatic pain trasmitting to right leg completely having issues in lumbar spine L1 to L5. I visited Jivaasri Clinic, the dedication of therapists and prescribed therapies had given immense relief. I thank the entire team of Jivaasri for making it successful treatment without going for spine operation.

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    I highly recommend the Suthikaraksha massage treatment. The therapists are thorough professionals. I’ve lost weight and completely devoid of backache. I’ll come back again when I have the chance.
    The staff is very proactive and friendly. Will definitely recommend Jivaasri

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A Holistic Ayurvedic Wellness destination that provides affordable and effective Natural rejuvenation therapies and treatments for chronic ailments across all ages.

    Our treatments vary from rejuvenation and restoring the effective functioning of the human body. From improving the blood circulation, to addressing muscle stiffness and joint pains, we offer holistic wellness and concentrate on total body wellness, from skin and hair, all the way to energy layers.

    From diabetes, hypertension, stress management, kidney related ailments, liver cirrhosis, knee and joint pains, spine and neck pain, the list of treatments we cure is long.

    At Jivaasri, we perform therapies to address the root cause, with natural ingredients and time-tested techniques that have been practiced for centuries. Most of the therapies are non-invasive techniques and do not involve surgeries. Our treatments are a combination of therapies performed by Ayurvedic experts, under the guidance of an Ayurvedic physicians and administration of oral medicines on need basis.

    Generally, the cost of Ayurvedic therapies and medication is one-third of Allopathic treatments / surgeries, which makes it affordable to various sections of population.

    Due to easy accessibility of medicines, availability of Allopathic doctors, and commercialization of pharma industry, Ayurveda did not grow faster. Also, the lack of awareness of Ayurveda coupled with fewer Ayurvedic physicians further resulted in lower acceptance of such natural therapies.

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