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The journey of bringing Jivaasri to Hyderabad has been an exciting, enriching one. It started over a discussion among the partners about India's rich history, and how we have always appreciated what nature has to offer. India has long been associated with healing herbs and medicinal plants.

We have long been believers in the divine power of Ayurveda. So, bringing Ayurvedic health and wellness back to India is something we strongly support. It's our vision to help spread the message of Arogya Bhaaratham - a healthy India that trusts in nature's gifts. We feel that doing what we do, we have a responsibility to share this divine knowledge with our people.

In Jivaasri, we have a destination that can provide a level of health and wellness that our ancestors pioneered. Our treatments are holistic and concentrate on total body wellness, from skin and hair, all the way to chakras and energy layers. We use pure ingredients the way they were intended to be utilised. And the expertise of our doctors and therapists mean that we are able to provide an authentic Kerala Ayurvedic experience.

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Jivaasri Ayurvedic Wellness

At Jivaasri, we are the guardians and custodians of Ayurveda – a time-honoured tradition. It is our endeavour to create a healthy nation. Everything we do, each ingredient we choose, every treatment that we craft – it all has this same end-goal. We at Jivaasri take this seriously, hence our therapies ensure wholesome rejuvenation of the body and mind, through authentic Kerala Ayurveda.

We are an enthusiastic, service oriented team who are compassionate, caring and devoted to the wellness of our Nation. We are bound by a relentless passion for natural health and a heartfelt desire to spread this message.

Arogya Bhaaratam

Jivaasri Ayurvedic Wellness

India once thrived on nature’s bounty, turning to its wealth of resources to treat ailments and illnesses of all types.

Jivaasri believes that it is our ordained duty to revive and share this divine knowledge, and to help the nation rediscover truly holistic wellness.

Our vision of an “Arogya Bhaaratham” is to achieve Ayurvedic well-being and contribute towards building a healthy nation.


Kiran Muthe

Kiran has over 18 years of experience in Banking and financial services industry, with learnings from meeting clients with diversified cultures, languages and demands.

The experience gathered through globetrotting helped visualize the clients’ perspectives and their mindset.

With a strong connect for our rich Indian culture and endeavor to spread traditional wellness to our people, the path was laid for foraying into Ayurvedic wellness.

Jivaasri Ayurvedic Wellness
Jivaasri Ayurvedic Wellness

Phanisri Konte

Phanisri is a HR professional with over 10 years of experience in handling Human Relations, with a constant requisite to empathize with employees across various geographies and to consistently maintain the service levels.

While the challenge of adhering to deadlines and meeting various demands was a given, there was continuous effort to keep the mind relaxed and body healthy.

This was possible through time tested traditional methods like Yoga, Ayurveda and usage of natural ingredients in her daily life. The appreciation of such methods was influenced by results produced without any side-affects.